Equal Pay

We know that some wages in tech can be competitive, but we also know that a culture of silence around wages exists. We need to change this. 

Equal pay is a fundamental union value. It is also a legal right, and applies to all workers: freelance, part-time, casual or full time. 

Every employer with more than 250 workers must report their gender pay gap information to the government. This is useful, but equal pay goes beyond that - especially for the tech sector. 

Workers in tech are often discouraged from discussing our salaries with one another, and systems around bonuses and raises are unclear. It is often hard to tell what metrics are being used to calculate individual success. This is a recipe for hidden inequalities. 

Consider a woman working in a male-dominated company: she knows that on average women are paid less than men. If she’s discouraged from talking to her colleagues about salaries, she won’t know if she’s underpaid compared to the men she works with. This can lead to inequalities persisting and the sector failing to diversify the workforce. 

In addition, pay transparency can help motivate workers – it can help them strive to reach the next level in their company.  

The good news is that you can do something about equal pay in your workplace. Talk to your colleagues about equal pay, this is a great issue to begin organising around.  

You can invite an expert from Prospect trade union to host a meeting to talk to you and your colleagues about equal pay issues. Join the network and email us to arrange a suitable date.  

If you already know there is an issue in your workplace the best way to tackle it is by joining a union to get support from organisers and full time officers. They can help you build a campaign, build your union, and make sure equal pay is on the agenda. 

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By bringing our voices together, we can create change. 

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