21 October, 2022 12:48 PM

Reasons for joining

Here are some reasons why tech workers just like you have joined a union.

Join to protect yourself

“I wanted to make sure I have my back covered by a union in case I needed some support “

“I'm nervous about inflation and how, given the level of private investment in the sector, union membership could help me and my colleagues be treated fairly in redundancy.”

“First joined a union 4 years ago after experiencing a change of manager which completely changed management opinion of me and fairness of their treatment, for the worse”

Join to be part of a movement

“I have always believed in the need for unionisation but not completely sure how it would work for careers such as mine … but I think even if being in a union will not necessarily directly benefit myself I hope that being a part of a union can be beneficial more widely!?”

“This is the first union I have ever joined, so I'm looking forward to learning more and getting involved where I can!”

“I Joined Prospect because, well, with the way the world is these days I think we need to work together more than ever.”

“I think unionising those kind of workplaces, which have traditionally been less unionised, will be really important in the near future. So it's great to see a tech branch established.”

“I'm interested in how unions can build membership in the tech sector.”

“I'm interested in making sure that everyone who works in tech is treated fairly and paid a fair wage and reducing inequality between workers. I'm also interested in making sure workplaces are a safe place from bullying, harassment, and retaliation for everyone particularly historically under-represented groups.”

Join to help your colleagues and other tech workers

“Generally interested in union membership more widely in the organisation for general protection, building community and engagement in understanding and furthering workers rights around flexible work/reduced hours”

“I'm interested in making sure my colleagues and myself are all being paid fairly and are given opportunities for professional development.”

“I'd love to unionize my workplace - ensuring fairness and equity in pay, treatment and all matters is my priority!”

“This is the first mainstream union I've been in, so I'm not really sure how things work, but I believe that unions could have a lot of power in tech, not just for improving the conditions of ourselves and the people we work with, but also for ensuring that our employers are acting ethically and in the interests of broader society.”

Join for support and advice

“Joined really because I thought it might be helpful to get advice on things like workplace rights - Pay, equality, reviews etc.”

“Particular interests include what makes a good employment contract for a tech worker as well as political neutrality and freedom of speech at work “