Tech Workers Survey

Fairer pay, better work/life balance, a strong voice at work? What do you think needs to change?

If you are a UK based tech worker and you want a better, healthier and fairer tech industry we are asking you to complete this survey now and share it with your colleagues.  

In 2019 we surveyed a smaller group of tech workers in Scotland and the results showed that although most tech workers liked a lot about their job, there were some things that desperately needed to change.

A LOT has happened since then, the Covid-19 pandemic shifted a large number of workers into remote working roles, impacted on people's mental health and well-being and changed a lot of people's outlook on work. There have also been major shifts in the political and economic landscape over these last few years.

Industry data show that average salaries in tech remain generous but there are clearly issues in pay transparency and tech workers often express frustration about the lack of voice at work. Do you know how your pay compares to your colleagues, if you are being paid fairly or when you might get your next pay increase?

The tech industry is growing and so are the numbers of tech workers who are joining a union. Even if your company is a great place to work there may still be some things that you would want to change. Take the survey and tell us about them. And then share the survey with your colleagues and use it to start a conversation at work - if you were in charge what 3 things would you change? 

Tech Worker? Take the survey